the anamorphic anagram

The Anamorphic Anagram is an online literary, photographic, and audio journal run by writers of diverse backgrounds. Currently based in Louisiana and Florida, we release new work from strong new writers every three months. Submission guidelines are simple, and we accept submissions all year round. We are currently reading, hearing, and gazing at submissions for our inaugural issue. Check back soon for updates. We are on Twitter.

If your work is inspired by the lesser-depicted, more Gothically-aligned landscape, conditions, or history of the American South, submit your work. That said, you don’t need to be a Southern writer yourself nor need your work pertain specifically to it – we’re going more for contemporary American, experimental work belonging to lesser-heard voices.

You are doubly encouraged to submit if you feel your work struggles to find a fit in other publications. 

Work of all literary and sonic kinds are accepted. The more experimental and off-kilter, the better, but we will just as gladly read and accept those forms which are more traditional in approach. Simultaneous submissions are permitted; just make sure to let us know if you are accepted elsewhere. 

Send submissions to If you’d like us to expedite your submission review for a small fee, include the subject line “URGENT.”

No need for a cover letter, but a short biography is appreciated. Fiction submissions must be no longer than, give or take, ten pages, and poetry collections should remain roughly around ten poems. Keep audio submissions around five minutes. These can be musical, spoken, whatever you would like.

We will email you upon receipt of your submission, and you will hear back from us within a month as to whether or not your piece is a fit for us.